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This Is Us

We opened our doors in March of 2020 (crazy right?)

Just when the world was shutting down, we were opening up! We knew how badly this town needed an "it" spot. A place to meet up, hangout, and finally somewhere to get good coffee! We are big believers in the power of well crafted coffee and a cozy place to enjoy it. Coffee brings people together, brightens up those gloomy days, and helps those lazy mornings. Whatever reason, we've got you covered.

Stop by for freshly roasted coffee & locally sourced food. Come hang!


Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

IMG_9093 copy.jpeg

The Best Sip & Bite in
the Neighborhood

All of our food offerings are locally sourced, made from scratch, and thoughtfully curated to bring you great flavors and healthy options!

In addition all of our craft coffees are made with flavors that have CLEAN ingredients, all natural sauces, and none of that (crap) the chains are serving up these days *cough cough starbucks*

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